Friday, March 16, 2007

A World of Possibilities

White House "explanations" for Lawyergate continue to shift and amuse. After four days of promoting the Harriet-Miers-suggested-the-mass-firing line, now White House mouth organ Tony Snow says that no one really knows who suggested such an action. Despite the certitude of previous White House assertions, things, it must be remembered, are not easily remembered:
It has been described as her idea but . . . I don't want to try to vouch for origination. At this juncture, people have hazy memories.
In response to being asked if Bush himself may have suggested a second term renewal of all US Attorneys, Snow threw up some metaphorical hands and offered the press corps this gem:
Anything's possible,
and then warned everyone not to jump to the conclusion that Bush could be responsible for the origins of such an idea. I would naturally extend this to any idea, really.

Your tax dollars at work.


Anonymous PeteyR said...

Bwa-haw-hah! Here's hoping for some blowback.

2:43 AM  

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