Friday, March 16, 2007

Amazing what subpoena power can do

Go check out Bradblog, where Brad Friedman is live-blogging the House Oversight Committee's hearings on the Plame leak. Most importantly, after the long, ugly nutter history that Plame was not covert, that she was a "desk jockey, Plame has now testified.
I was covert when my identity was outed. Worked in counter-proliferation division of CIA where most agents were also covert. I was covert, the status of my position was classified, I was working on WMD issues in Iraq. I traveled overseas during the five years prior to my being outed at which time my cover was blown, network destroyed along with my career path.
Much more, as well as the unsurprising revelation that the White House never conducted its own investigation of the CIA leak. This seems to have "stunned" members of Congress.


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