Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nazis, then and now

Whatever idiotic Democratic wonk decided that the Nevada Democratic Party's presidential debate ought to be broadcast by Fox News, it was patently clear that more than a few in that party are either guileless, don't have cable or are GOP moles. And none of those possibilities recommends itself more than the others. Indeed, all three may have been operative.

While the choice of Fox News for the Dem debates was obviously a bizarre one to people outside the closeted confines inhabited by Democratic "strategists," when sense finally did prevail, Fox News decided that the slight was simply too much to bear. Indeed, none other than the fair and balance Bill O'Reilly tripped over Goodwin's Law on his way to his Fox News desk, came out swinging and likened Democrats to -- what else? -- Nazis. This after recently saying that Colorado Democrats were "soft on child sex offenders," apparently neglecting to recall the Republican enablers of the Mark Foley scandal.

It will come as no surprise to learn that this is not the first time Fox News has served as a media sling for a "Democrats are Nazis" rock, as when bought-and-paid-for ExxonMobil shill Sterling Burnett likened Al Gore to Joseph Goebbels. But that is only of trifling concern. The more glaring aspect of the continuous Fox News assault on Democrats has been seen when, at almost every opportunity, various Fox News larvae (FNC is the host) have lambasted Democrats as terrorists, terrorist lovers and enemy combatants. But now Bill O'Reilly is incensed that those damnable Democrats are Nazis for thinking there might be some bias present at FNC.

This is entirely expected on the part of Fox, of course. I have often wondered whether the Democrats are utterly uninformed about just how much the media is biased against them and this episode confirms that, indeed, they are. But what irks beyond measure is how this now idiotic stink, played for full effect by Fox itself, is the fault of no one but the Democrats. It seems as though the Dems just go around looking for ways for Fox News to generate ugly noise about Democrats, like O'Reilly needs help.

Wake up, you idiots.


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