Friday, March 16, 2007

DeLay lashes out

One thing you must admit: these are interesting times. At the same time Congress is conducting hearings into the CIA leak and the bulk dismissal of disagreeable US Attorneys, now more congressional questions are being flung at Attorney General Gonzales with the news that he may have "shut down an investigation of the White House's domestic wiretapping surveillance program because of his involvement with the program." Things are unraveling rapidly. Which is why it seems only appropriate to note that, in the midst of this political squall, Republicans themselves are chomping on the legs of their own.

Who can help but laugh to learn that Tom Delay has written a book (not out yet) in which he reportedly will "visit his wrath" upon Newt Gingrich, former majority leader Dick Armey, George Bush and who knows who else. Specifically, DeLay says that the Republican leadership had "no moral shape" to press for the impeachment of Clinton while Gingrich was conducting his own extra-marital affair.
It is now public knowledge that Newt Gingrich was having an affair with a staffer during the entire impeachment crisis. Clearly, men with such secrets are not likely to sound a high moral tone at a moment of national crisis.
DeLay will no doubt sound much like he has over the past couple of years: everyone's agin' me! He basically calls Gingrich know nothing, says Dick Armey was "blinded by ambition," and hates the expansion of government under Bush. This from the House Majority Leader who let it all slide. And DeLay saying that someone -- not him mind you -- is "blinded by ambition" is simply precious.

But still, the sight and sound of GOP hacks calling each other immoral cowards is great. And it is great for one reason. Their internecine bellyaching and grasping power plays are actually causing them to speak honestly about each other. You don't hear that every day.


Anonymous PeteyR said...

That's rich. Ever since Fahrenheit 911, it should have been clear that the current administration is a pack of knaves and fools.

What is not funny is what they are leaving in their wake. Hope the "red states" are happy.

2:47 AM  

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