Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Bowers that be

A bit of a dust up in lefty blog world was something I completely missed, preferring attendance to rather more important and crucial developments in the world. I'm not saying that to sound high and mighty. It's just that I've moved away from paying mind to bloggy brouhahas, having realized sometime ago that The Blog Establishment had already been cemented. Nonetheless, I do find it interesting to see others, such as Cernig at the excellent Newshog and Jill over at Brilliant at Breakfast, have finally grown fed up with recent, blowhard pronouncements posted by Chris Bowers at MyDD, such as the insufferable sniping designed to sound like a policy statement. As Jill summarizes the whole, pointless post quite plainly:
"We innovate more than you, we hired people to help us, and because we did that there is no place for you lone bloggers anymore -- because WE decide who makes it and who doesn't."
I was under the distinct impression that there were a lot important things going on in the world, but it seems the blogging "elite" can't get enough of puffing up itself. I suspect a movement is doomed to irrelevance or, even worse, has succumbed to the system once the Bowers-that-be have decided that they create their own reality.


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