Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Favourite Congressional Martian

I tell you, Vasily, we kan't loose.
These Amerikans will by this piece of krap
We've got an inside track to the so-called government
of these kapitalist pigs.

Now that Weldon is getting all kinds of heat from the pinko-infested Justice Department, Gary at Covert History points to an interesting blurb (from Wonkette) at the LA Times about Weldon's daughter, whose home was raided by the FBI during the ongoing investigation of influence peddling. Karen Weldon worked for the lobbying firm Solutions North America and was hired by a Russian aerospace company in effort to gain favour with Congress and the US Navy in selling them their "saucer-shaped drone." Yes, the Russians wanted to sell the US Navy a flying saucer, a "drone" that was at least 20 years old.

More recently, Weldon's daughter also drove the business of Russia's Itera International Energy Corp. into the arms of Congress via daddy Curt, who also encouraged US firms to do business with Itera, a company long suspected of corruption. Weldon, no doubt, is mystified as to how a Russian company that would buy the influence peddling services of a US congressman's daughter could possibly be suspected of corruption.

Much like Hastert and the Foley scandal, Weldon is now blaming his current woes and the potential impact they undoubtedly will have on his re-election prospects on, who else? Liberals and Democrats. I'm sure that Clinton must in on this, too. Somehow. Someway.


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