Thursday, October 05, 2006

No sense

"I’m a huge Denny Hastert fan — I think he’s a great speaker,” Cheney said in his private cabin aboard Air Force Two. “And it makes no sense at all for him to think about stepping down.”
I'd love to hear the reasoning in the GOP that led someone to suggest that if Cheney just went out and told people Hastert was a "great speaker," this would somehow smooth the rippling congressional waters stirred up by the Foley affair. Who decided that having Cheney, for crissakes, tell Americans that he is a "huge fan" of Hastert would be the way to go on this? Of course, since Cheney doesn't really listen to anyone, he may have decided all on his own, without regard for that fact that his public approval rating is only slightly higher than the number of Americans who would eat a rat on "reality" television.

The only thing that makes "no sense" here is for Mr. Last Throes to think that anyone pays attention to anything he says anymore. Well, anyone outside the White House bubble, that is.


Blogger dusty said...

Well, everyone I have seen on the Telly for the past few days admits Hastert has the tv prescence of a bag or Doritos...a week old, opened bag.

4:48 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

He really does look like some sort of troll creature. What can the people of Illinois see in this guy?

10:52 AM  

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