Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Election day looms

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.
-- George Orwell

For anyone who thinks the Democrats will certainly win at least one majority this November, the rude fact is that they likely will not do so. This is not because the American public will not vote against the radical and unchecked agenda of the Bush administration and its lap dog Congress. It is for one reason that has been wholly overlooked and scoffed at by the mainstream media and Democrats themselves, especially the DLC. Even influential outlets like Daily Kos have demonstrated an apalling refusal to face facts.

That reason is plainly and passionately stated by Mark Crispin Miller at The Washington Spectator in a great summary article of the recent past and current state of the electoral process as it has been rigged by the GOP. If you read one thing today, read The Elephant in the Polling Booth.

At these November elections, I encourage everyone to both to vote and observe the polls, if you can (I realise just voting will time consuming enough, if you managed to vote at all). Report what you experienced and saw. No doubt there will be "snarls" all across the country. This needs to well-up from the ground. Because we already know that the media is not going to cover it, no matter how bad it is, unless the public demands attention.


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