Saturday, September 30, 2006

Campaign advice

At first I though, hmmm, how bad do things have to be when al Qaeda feels a need to come out and tell the world that Bush is a failure?
In a video published on the Internet, Ayman al-Zawahiri called Mr Bush a "lying failure" and said al-Qaeda was stronger than ever.

"Bush, oh failure and liar, why don't you be courageous for once and confront your people and tell them the truth about your losses in Iraq and Afghanistan."
But then I realised that this would be a great campaign tool for the GOP:
You see? Democrats call President Bush a failure and so does al Qaeda. Clearly, they're in cahoots.
Given our current political environment, this seems like a winner to me.


Anonymous robb said...

If you keep up the good ideas like that you will be drafted by the adminstration as Deputy of Subterfuge (well one of the 600 that they employ)

6:00 PM  
Anonymous hotpotatomash said...

while "lying failure" is without question true, i still prefer "Mr. Danger" which was what hugo chavez called Mr. State of Denial before eventually moving on to "El Diablo".

11:52 AM  

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