Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shootists of a peace loving nation

On August 11, 2006, nearly 1000 Lebanese civilians had been killed in the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict; collateral damage as militaries are wont to say these days. On this day, Israeli citizens in the town of Bil'in marched in protest of the construction of the seperation wall the Israeli government has been constructing. They have been conducting these protests for over a year and on a routine, weekly basis. With the Lebanese war still raging, though the end was in sight, Israelis soldiers ordered the peaceful demonstrators to halt their march through the town and began to shoot. The IDF opened fire and shot at least one Israeli citizen, who was struck in the head. A rubber bullet had entered his brain. Yes, a head shot. Hardly a warning to disperse. As the soldiers moved down the road, they walked past Limor Goldstein and left him on the side of the road for two hours.

There couldn't be a more apt metaphor for the larger behaviour of the Israeli government and this action should be noted for what it says about that government. We are told, over and over again by these same Israeli officials that Israel is a "peace loving nation." But it is a nation whose government opens fire on its own citizens when they are marching for peace. Words. Deeds.

[thanks to Kel for that clip. Unbelievable. More here, a story from Ha'aretz]


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