Monday, September 18, 2006

That's so French

It looks like France is about to take another hit from the warbloggers and neo-con agitators. Chirac is suggesting concession over the nuclear enrichment requirement:
As world leaders head to the United Nations for a week of meetings that are likely to be dominated by the debate over Iran’s nuclear program, President Jacques Chirac of France said today that those seeking negotiations with Tehran should drop their insistence that it halt uranium enrichment before talks begin.

“During that negotiation, I propose that, on the one hand, the six refrain from referring the issue to the Security Council, and that Iran renounce during the negotiation the enrichment of uranium. We can find solutions via dialogue."
Dialogue. It's such a French word. I mean, just look at it.

Of course, what Chirac is calling for is what Tehran has always insisted upon, which means that it will probably go nowhere, at least within the White House. I can see Michelle Malkin's already distended eyeballs popping completely out of their sockets. Expect calls from Kristol and Krauthammer to nuke Paris.


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"Dialogue. It's such a French word. I mean, just look at it."


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