Monday, September 11, 2006

Delude dude

One really has to wonder about the delusion state someone must occupy in order to be able to produce a statement so astoundingly detached from the world (I'm linking through to TalkLeft, because there is just no way I'm connecting directly to those tools).
First the Senate Democrats browbeat a television network into changing a program so it won't reflect badly on a Democratic administration. Then a Senate committee puts out a report that airbrushes history, leaving out the most important evidence of links between Iraq and al Qaeda, for the sole purpose of making a Republican administration look bad. I think it's really important to work hard to get a Republican majority in the Senate, so the Dems won't be able to pull stunts like these!
I swear, someone has got be hacking Powerline and putting up idiot posts like this. But then, they never disavow them or rush in to take them down. Who can forget that ol' assrocket standby about the president being like a great artist no one understands let alone appreciates. Ahh, good times!


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