Sunday, September 10, 2006

Net neutral

I have to give a shout out to Leslie at Smoke Rings and Coffee Stains (lovely website, by the way) and her impassioned campaigning for Net Neutrality. She really has been on top of this. Sadly, too many of us spend too much time carping about everything else wrong, but if this situation is settled to the satisfaction of the telecom industry, we're all dead doing this. Which is exactly why they want to do it.

We have watched the telecom industry balled up in the hands of a few since Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Today, there are five corporations that control the media. One of them is about to broadcast -- as a "world wide event" -- a film that will portray the the Clinton administration, and by extension any Democratic government, as bumbling and incompetent when it comes to al Qaeda, the big bad boogey monster that had once been funded by Ronald Reagan (yeah, remember that?) And they will do this less than two months before an election that has the potential to change the leadership of the House, maybe the Senate. This is no accident. The message is clear: Disney/ABC want a Republican House. And Senate.

In resisting this overt corporate bias toward the GOP, the internet has provided a media stream that the telecoms currently do not control and it is, right now, almost the only thing calling to task the mainstream media itself. How could telecom not want to shut this down?

Sadly, I don't hold much hope for the preservation of Net Neutrality. While the Democrats dawdle around in the background seemingly unaware of what is going on, the Republicans are benefitting from having the corporate backing of the telecoms, who are doing what they can to keep the GOP in power, which in turn will allow the telecoms to start exercising the control they want on the internet. Good for them and the GOP. It's a synergy. It is also fascism.


Anonymous Hands Off said...

Franky, I see Net Neutrality as more worrisome than beneficial. Why do we want to give the government more control over the content of the internet, and to allow them to regulate the innovation thereof? Do you like the idea of applying to the FCC for a license to publish your new blog? The notion that if someone in Washington reads your blog and finds the content "offensive" they may choose to censor it or fine you for it? These are all possibilities if we hand control of the internet over to the government, in my opinon and that of my coalition.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Thanks! I see you've already gotten some disinformation propaganda in your comments, too. Good to see little ol' writers in the blogosphere can generate that kind of response. Keep spreading the word for Net Neutrality!

1:34 PM  

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