Saturday, September 09, 2006

Clintonista Feasta

On the website of ABC News, a viewer gets to see this headline about the row over the Primrose Path to 9/11:
Clintonistas Claim Foul Over ABC 9/11 Film
Clintonistas, of course, is term that has been coined and tossed around the right wing nether world for awhile. You'll find it at the Sun Myung Moon Times, NewsHax, Insta-jerkoff, some doubtlessly gawdawful white hole of righist vitriol called American Conservative Daily. One can only cringe at the thought. All these share the term with another online rag called The Post Chronicle, a "publication" whose "original news" segment, which presumably means crud they themselves have produce, frets about the daily lives Brad and Angelina, Tom Cruise, Denise Richards, Linday Lohan, Victoria Beckham ... well, you get the idea. All of which indicates a healthy perspective on national security issues and the 9/11 Commission Report. But my personal fave has to be The Holy Coast. I'll leave it to the reader to imagine the message there.

Yes, this is the tank of chum into which ABC News has chosen to dive with their own headline, implicit as that is with anti-Clinton, anti-Democrat discharge. This headline alone pretty much tells you that ABC is not going to apolgise for the film and certainly will not pull the broadcast. That just ain't gonna happen. But the kicker line, the very last in the story, seals the deal as far as ABC is concerned:
For ABC, the blowback from Clinton supporters and aides may not be an entirely bad thing. Conventional wisdom says there's nothing like a little controversy to boost ratings. And this time it is liberals — not conservatives — who are complaining about reputed Hollywood bias.
Ratings, baby! That's what it is all about. In corporate America, it is all about the short term gain. Truth? fuck it. It also helps that, this time, the damnable liberals are gettin' what's comin' to them. Yaaargh!!!

Nothing would be more satisfying that to watch ABC numbers go right down the shitter after all this nonsense. Now that would be some Clintonista mojo.


Blogger dusty said...

I totally agree with you..the 546 emails I have gotten from various groups against this stupid docudrama will only boost their bitching about Ann Coulter..any publicity is good to these guys..

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