Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sweetest sound

Bloomberg sucks! or words to that effect.

Bronx locals are protesting the ground-breaking for a new 51,000 seat, $1.2 billion Yankee Stadium. That's $23,520 per seat. That's gotta be a sweet ride.

Last month, we were all witness to Michael Bloomberg's outrage over the cut in Homeland Security funding, but here he has managed to find $400 million in public funds to supplement the already detested project, which, while sucking up precious public money, will also wipe two parks in the local neighbourhood. That is is what is known as a win-win to developers.

The ultimate argument in favour of the stadium project, which will disrupt local residents for the next three years, was leveled by US Represetative, José E. Serrano, whose unassailable position wilted opposition:
You could have moved to Jersey, or you could have moved to Manhattan, but let’s face it: the Jersey or the West Side Bombers just doesn’t sound right. The Bronx Bombers — that’s the sweetest sound you’ll ever here.[sic]
I just don't see how anyone can have a problem with the stadium now.


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