Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Karma Chameleon

One could go on about the contemptible state of what we laughingly call "the media"; how it manufactures celebrity where none should exist, only to then feed off that celebrity, especially when said celebrity goes "off the rails." Indeed, I already have.

But no essay need accompany the sight of Boy George, his community service and the paparazzi who cluck and muddle, feeding on the scene. They look like pigeons. Boy George, the bread crumb:

Do we really need to wonder why Americans have no idea what their government is up to? why 50% of the American public think that US forces found WMD in Iraq? why George Bush is still president?

[pic via FIRESTARTER5]


Blogger earthtogod said...

Excellent! This is exactly why Americans miss out in world events, geography, and warfare knowledge. Celebritidom always ranks way above the cares of the world. Viewing Tom and Katie's baby is way more important to us than the starving children of Darfur. And thanks for identifying Boy George for the crumb he is.

12:30 PM  

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