Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Everyday low ...

You just gotta know it's campaign season. That knowledge can stem from the obvious, but when Wal*mart comes out swinging at Democrats who criticise the company's long-standing practices of feeding off the public trough, you know it is time for an election soon. And that is true because Wal*mart is clearly worried that Dems might take a majority in Congress and might even hold Wal*mart accountable for their odious business practices. The company has already been thumped by Maryland's Democrat-led state legislature, so I guess they're thinking actions like the "Wal*mart law" could become vogue.

These are perilous times for Wal*mart, uncertain that mere campaign contributions will stem the tide of public action against them. Perhaps they would do well to actually behave like a responsible citizen in American society. Imagine how that would cut down on the criticism.


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