Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nothing less and nothing more

So, I was plowing around looking for some connection between George Allen and some known Aryan Nation organisations and outlets. A previous story had once led me to the National Vanguard (you're going to have to go there yourself) and, I must confess, that stuff is just plain addictive. Some of the statements a visitor will find -- right on the front freaking page -- are just so damned hilarious, one is compelled to keep looking. It is the car crash syndrome: it's horrible, but you can't look away.

Anyway, a post by a one Henry Makow, just had me howling:
I believe the world has for the last hundred years or more been in the grips of a conspiracy by an ultra rich elite whose goal is nothing less than the destruction of civilization.
Hmm, that's odd. It is entirely unclear why the "ultra rich elite," who seem to rather enjoy all the wonderful things that "civilization" has provided them, would want to do such thing, but I am sure there must some reason I have not yet gleened from the fine pages at the National Vanguard. Of course, this item followed another post bemoaning the crass power grab of ... what was it ... oh, yeah, "homofascist agitators" who blocked the "marriage protection" amendment. But why are they worried about "marriage protection" if the power-mad and diabolical ultra rich elite are going to destroy civilisation anyway? Its all very confusing.

But things really start pegging the laugh-o-meter and I hit funny-bone pay dirt:
Whenever I bring up the issue of race with my currently unawakened friends, they always tell me, “Well they’re not all bad, some are a lot like us.” These friends would rather treat non-Whites on a case-by-case basis, partially because White people are genetically predisposed to being nice....
No one could make up this shit.

And no word yet on George Allen. Obviously, I got rather distracted.


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