Friday, August 18, 2006

I was born a poor black child

Speaking of George Bush impressionism, one of the more callous and manipulative impressions has always been what a regular guy Dub is. This impression was mostly attained through his Texas drawl and a notable inability to speak well. This, we would be told, appealed to regular folk; no high falutin' talk 'round these parts.

Bush was a man's man, beer buddy, brush humper, a real ropin' and ridin' 'Merkan. He was everything middle America could love and nothing like those ghastly, elitist Washinton bubble people with their smarmy, latte-slurpin', New York Times-readin' accents. And he became just such a beacon for an upstanding, wholesome middle America, of course, by growing up with Yale sweater clinging to his pudgy little torso.


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