Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gung Ho!

In case you cannot discern who these Dukakis-like figures are, they're White House press secretary Tony Snow (l) and White House counsel Dan Bartlett, on board the secret plane that secretly took the president and his various attendants to Baghdad. Bartlett appears to have just filled his pants, while Snow looks on, fearing he's next. Given this scene, it is now not too hard to imagine Jonah Goldberg and other like-minded pudges similarly garbed.

I think this give us all a good idea why those who back the war in Iraq and argue for its continuance are also resolute in their refusal to actually join the fighting themselves. While secret thoughts of killing "haji," and bombin' around in a tank might thrill them, they'd be dead inside a week, if not sooner. And they know it.

(photo via Comments from Left Field)


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