Tuesday, June 13, 2006

High on Life

I've just read one of the funniest things I've yet seen in the wacky world of the blogosphere:
While much of the focus this week has been on the killings in Haditha, it may be easy to forget or overlook one vital important fact. We are killing terrorists almost every day in Iraq. We are killing men who would come into your home and slit you children's throat if given the chance. Do. We. Get. That?
Do. We. Get. That? And this from a "Weblogs Award Finalist 2005," as she proudly advertises. Apparently, 2005 was not a good year. How about we have a look at an example of one of those terrorists:

Thank god we got that one.

And by funny, of course, I mean funny-sad.


Blogger Kel said...

I also love the fact that she links to Ann Coulter.

There's a credibility black hole if ever I saw one.

10:43 AM  

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