Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Complete the Connection

Though it has not been officially announced who McClellan's replacement will be, it is some measure of things that Fox News is reporting that Fox News radio yakker, Tony Snow, is on the list of possible candidates for White House press secretary. Frankly, I hope they pick him. He's already on record defending Rumsfeld and blaming rising gas prices on people who are complaining about Rumsfeld, which according to Snow's keen perceptions, makes everyone "jittery." Placing Snow into the PR office would, for once and forever, dispense with the ridiculous pretense that Fox is anything but a White House propaganda tool. Hell, I want ol' Tony to continue to broadcast his show right out of the West Wing. That would be sweet.


Anonymous robb said...

It will soon be announced that the new White House Press Secretary is a 32 inch Sony Trinitron permanently tuned to Fox News.

7:47 PM  

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