Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bernstein on Bush

The assaults just keep coming.

The new Vanity Fair article by Carl Bernstein is flying around bloggydom, at least on the lefty side of things; right whingers are naturally ignoring Bernstein's importunate demand for a Senate investigation of Bush and instead are bitching about the Pulitzer Prizes. There is now simply so much bad news about Bush and the White House, they find themselves unable to counter the onslaught with anything other than condemnations of "treasonous" reporters. Of course, to the tighty righties, Bernstein is also probably considered a traitor for his (and the now co-opted Woodward) exposure of Nixon's nefarious "two-bit burglery." And unlike his former collegue, who has long since made manifest his preference for spooning White House officials , Bernstein demonstrates that he still "gets it."


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