Thursday, April 13, 2006

Colin Blow

Whatever remained of Colin Powell's public persona as the trusted one just took a slide down the crapper the other day when Robert Sheerer reported that Powell, along with all those freaking generals who couldn't seem to muster up the balls to oppose the White House, knew all along that Iraq was not a threat. Despite now admitting that he knew this, Powell tarnished his and the United States' image in the world with his infamously embarrassing performance in front of the UN. The ghastly irony of it all is that the White House specifically used Powell to make the UN presentation because he was the one thought to carry the most respect and diplomatic gravitas of any official in the administration. He knew he was lying through his teeth to the UN, while further knowing that he was there specifically because he was trusted on the world stage as one who would not do so. What is difficult to understand is why he is telling people this. Surely, he didn't think that such revelations would be met with applause.


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