Monday, January 23, 2006

Unguarded Moments

We now are presented, as news, the fact that the President of the United States has lately been taking "unscripted audience questions" during speeches. This is, ostensibly, a "throwback" to the "folksy style" he employed so lovingly during his campaign. While the questions per se may not be "prescreened," as with Bush's campaign appearances, the audiences most assuredly are filtered through a fine pro-Bush mesh of "invitation only" attendance.

So, it is difficult to understand this statement in the NY Times story, which claims that Bush's pre-screened audience appearances are vastly different than his pre-screened audience campaign appearances:
It's a throwback to the folksy style on the campaign trail that helped him win re-election and a departure from the heavily scripted speeches that were the norm last year.
A departure? While it had been the case that "questions" like "Why are you so wonderful, George Bush?" were only kind that were pre-approved on the campaign trail, the invitation-only nature of these recent venues is hardly a "departure" from Bush's innate fear of confrontation.

In what can only be described as a striking moment, Bush answers a question about what is the best and worst things about being president. To Bush, the best thing for him is inviting "childhood friends" over to the White House and impressing the hell out of them. Yes, it seems our president lives simply to goad long-time friends and acquiantences with his Commander-in-chief status. Just what we need, a puerile gloater with a finger on The Button.

Along with a large swath of the American public, the people who have known Bush since kindergarten also seem mystified by his ascension,
They walk in there and, kind of (say), `What are you doing here, Bush?'
Indeed. We haven't heard a good answer to this rather loaded question, really. None is expected to be forth coming. However, two words do come to mind: "Karl" and "Rove."


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