Friday, January 20, 2006

Down some Brown

There couldn't have been many who were not bemused by the irony that disgraced former FEMA director Michael Brown, a man who displayed his mammoth incompetence to the Senate when he asked the senators themselves what it was he should have be doing in response to Katrina, announced that he was starting his own "disaster preparedness" consulting firm. Well, that tale just keeps getting better, or worse, depending on one's perspective.

Though his incompetence was apparent to everyone except himself, Brown seems to have finally come around and has admitted his shortcomings. And, in a truly awakened moment, even says that
I still do believe that things weren't working too well down there.
How's that for going out on a limb? He makes it sound like his "belief" ran counter to wider misperceptions that the response to Katrina went pretty well, that he has been on some mission to correct those misguided notions. Will someone ever tell this guy he'd be much better off if he would just stop speaking in public.

That hasn't happened yet, though. Somehow, he has managed to sqwank his way into being a keynote speaker at the Broadcast and National Weather Service Meteorologists meeting in California. I expect he'll be hinting at some of his techniques for storm preparedness:
1) Buy clothing at Nordstrom's.
2) Roll up sleeves on said clothing.
4) Look busy! This should be greatly aided by 2)
5) Make reservations for dinner.
6) Avoid using email, if at all possible.


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