Friday, July 20, 2007

The Bates Motel

By now, you've probably heard that federal district court judge John D. Bates dismissed the Plame civil lawsuit against Dick Cheney and his CIA leak team. Bates was also the acting judicial accomplice to cover up when he dismissed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) lawsuit against Cheney and his fellow conspirators of the Energy Task Force.

This repetitive behaviour naturally prompted curiosity and I am happy to find that jurassicpork has already done some digging into Bates' partisan political past. Telling as it is, none of it comes as a surprise, as numbed as I am to the predations of the domineering, psychotic extremists in the Republican party.
Reading this prick’s career path, working for neocons like Rehnquist (that is, when he wasn’t hearing imaginary voices during his detox from Placidyl), John Roberts and Ken Starr, it ought to come as no surprise to anyone why George Bush had appointed him to the federal courts early in his criminal enterprise. In fact, Bates’s bio reads like a template as to why crime bosses like George Bush appoints guys like Bates to the federal judiciary.

Years ago, the General Accounting Office, the nonpartisan investigatory arm of Congress, had filed a lawsuit known as Walker v. Cheney when word began leaking out about Dick Cheney’s uber secret Energy Task Force meetings with several bloated rats of the petroleum industry. The case was tossed by Bates, essentially sending a message that the legislative has no control over what would come to be known as the Cheney Branch of government.

At about the same time, Bates had also thrown out a case filed by Dennis Kucinich and 31 other congressmen that challenged Bush’s decision to scuttle away from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty without Congress’ sayso.

... For a year and a half, Bates worked as one for neocon maniac and media whore Ken Starr, investigating Whitewater, a failed real estate deal that actually lost money for the Clintons, the wet log that the GOP just couldn’t ignite, no matter how hard they tried.

Haunting, more like it.


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When will we get rid of this scourge?

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