Thursday, July 19, 2007

Resolute or Dissolute

As always, inspiring confidence wherever she goes:

Maria Bartiromo: Would you consider a position in business or on Wall Street?

Condoleezza Rice: I don't know what I'll do long-term. I'm a terrible long-term planner.
Really, what better quality could one ask for in a Secretary of State? I can't think of one.

But it gets better, though, as Condi tells us about her real love:
I love serving on corporate boards, and I find American business and our corporations to be the engines of innovation for this country and, therefore, an engine of innovation for the world.
Three terms come to mind at Condi's mention of "innovation" and "American business": Chevron, Rice and Oil-for-food.


Anonymous Pete R said...

Oh, please, "Condi", serve on boards! We need innovators like you to really get this country rolling. Sounds kind of like a spiritual:

"Serve on boards, Condoleeza, serve on boa--rds!
Serve on boards Condoleeza, serve on boards (Oh, dem boards)
Cop-o-rate boards, Condoleeza,
Innovatin' if you pleaze, suh -
America needs ya, Conodoleeza, serve dem boards!"

9:18 PM  

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