Monday, June 11, 2007

No go Gonzales

I guess this means we all have confidence in Alberto Gonzales now:
Senate Democrats failed to secure 60 votes today in an effort to advance a resolution of 'no confidence' against embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Only seven Republicans voted with their Democratic colleagues to express their disappointment with the firing of 8 US Attorneys and other controversial matters in Gonzales's administration of the Department of Justice....
As usual, Republicans accused the Democrats of partisan stunts while the DoJ swirls around the downspout of GOP hackery. Leiberman, of course, managed to maintain his strict loyalty to the GOP cause while, hilariously, Trent Lott claimed a vote of "no confidence" was showing that the Senate was being infected by "British political tradition," declaimed the vote and wondered further,
This is beneath the dignity of the Senate. How low will the Senate go?
It's hard to believe that an infusion of British tradition could possibly drive the Senate any further down on the ladders of White House subservience and self-serving, moneyed interests. The last few years of GOP rule had pretty much sunk it to rock bottom.

It seems clear that nothing is going to pop Gonzales. He will continue with his pathetic way to further waste the Justice Department and turn it into an arm of the White House, this White House. And unless the Democrats can find a way to correct the abominable conditions currently extant within the ranks of US Attorneys, the DoJ will continue to be a partisan tool the GOP will exploit in future elections.


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