Saturday, June 16, 2007

The inevitable eruption of Gaza

Loathe to write anything about the debacle in Gaza, but knowing full well that the US and Israel had funded and supplied arms to Fatah, I realise that the outcome we've just witnessed there was inevitable. But I will highly recommend Uri Avnery's article on the Hamas takeover as an excellent overview to the situation that US and Israeli policy (there really is no difference) has purposefully fomented.
Crocodile Tears for Gaza

WHAT HAPPENS when one and a half million human beings are imprisoned in a tiny, arid territory, cut off from their compatriots and from any contact with the outside world, starved by an economic blockade and unable to feed their families?

Some months ago, I described this situation as a sociological experiment set up by Israel, the United States and the European Union. The population of the Gaza Strip as guinea pigs.

his week, the experiment showed results. They proved that human beings react exactly like other animals: when too many of them are crowded into a small area in miserable conditions, they become aggressive, and even murderous. The organizers of the experiment in Jerusalem, Washington, Berlin, Oslo, Ottawa and other capitals could rub their hands in satisfaction. The subjects of the experiment reacted as foreseen. Many of them even died in the interests of science.

But the experiment is not yet over. The scientists want to know what happens if the blockade is tightened still further.

WHAT HAS caused the present explosion in the Gaza Strip?

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