Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nappy Dugout

The Don "racist dumb ass" Imus debacle continues to gather steam as news arrives that advertisers are pulling sponsorship from Imus' CBS radio show. Bunker mentality is setting in at CBS and Wall Street, which both seem more concerned with keeping the media "gang" together than doing what is so obviously called for. CBS has offered a token "suspension," whereby we are expected to imagine Imus navel-gazing for two weeks, pondering the deep and gnarled roots of his racist misogyny. Or his misogynistic racism. Mostly likely, he'll simply be asking for an updated media-savvy racist code book.

Despite CBS' paltry offering, advertisers have already recognised that sponsoring the kind of "dialogue" found on The Imus Show hardly serves their larger interests. Staples spokesperson, Paul Capelli indicated his company's position:
Because of the recent comments that were made on the program it did prompt us to take a look at our decision to advertise on the program and we have decided to stop advertising.
Rather than take the obvious step and can Imus, CBS has decided that the revenue hit is tolerable because, as equity analyst David Joyce tells us in ladling out the infinite wisdoms of Wall Street,
The radio division is a rather small contributor to the overall CBS company. The division will do $1.8 billion in revenue this year, which is 12.5% of total CBS revenue. It's not terribly important to CBS.

It is almost immaterial.
In Wall Street's eyes, racist diatribes on public airwaves are perfectly acceptable as long as it doesn't impinge too greatly on the bottom line.

Now, I don't have a television and I don't listen to Imus, so I can't really boycott them any further. But, a few well placed calls to CBS advertisers might shake up the bottom line a little more than what Wall Street is willing tolerate. The message must be that the presence of jerk-offs like Imus on public airwaves is not acceptable, whether "immaterial" to Wall Street or not.


Anonymous HPM said...


Im fine with canning Imus but I wonder what they will do with Fox News. Clearly Fox is more racist and spews more vitriol on a daily basis than Imus did during his rant.

Yet, Al Sharpton - who is calling for his ouster - is a Fox regular. And it is rather funny that Fox is leading the fire Imus charge. At a minimum, Fox leads in minutes/hours devoted to Imus who did catch a lucky break with the breaking anna nicole news yesterday.

my vote, for the record, is for a 24/7 HD planet earth station to replace fox. coolest show ever that they might as well play on a loop. well, a guy can dream anyway.

there is a valuable lesson in this that i hope people don't miss. you will never get in trouble or be racist if you state all your racist hate speech in the form of a question or preface it with "some people say". not sure why imus, a veteran of the game, forgot this cardinal rule.

5:28 PM  
Blogger theBhc said...


I know you might think that. But I don't listen to the lout and, I suspect, neither do you. but if you click through to that post I linked to Digby, he dredges up a long history of Imus' on-air overt racist crap. This latest is only slightly uglier than anything previously.

You're right, of course, about Fox. They are terrible. But they've got the code down, a broadcast code that lets them get away with the shit they do and no one -- or very few -- even notice it, let alone complain, let alone pull their advertising. Fox knows who their audience is, and, I suspect, it doesn't include many African Americans.

As for Sharpton, I'm not sure whether him on Fox is good or bad. It is surprising that he agrees to go on but maybe he thinks he can sway some people. Nonetheless, he seems unaware of just how Fox berates him.

6:04 PM  
Blogger 131488WOLF131488 said...

Yes, CAN you face facts? The fact is that it is socially and institutionally acceptable that the White Race is the 'whipping boy' for everyone, while other races are legally and even socially protected-even coddled and encouraged to hate us, resent us, abuse us, rape us, and kill us! People of our own race are right in with it!

I said before that I wasn't going to comment on what's recently passing for headlines and I'm not, but I AM going to point out that all the while so many people are crying out about some stupid words someone said there have been White people getting robbed, raped, and killed by niggers and other non-Whites-their stories and others before them lay dead-covered up or downplayed by the media while everyone goes on a tirade about some stupid words said by someone who is such a liberal pussy anyway.

I want to know, who is going to apologize to these victims and their families? When are White People going to nfinally say ENOUGH to this bullshit?

The only ones who give any significant airtime to the atrocities being committed against Whites are people the mainstream/jew-liberal-left infested media and society labels "racists", "Nazis", "bigots", "haters"...that needs to change!

It is almost beyond my comprehension that people are allowing this charade to continue. And it's certainly not exclusive to the United States. The same things are happening in Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia-anywhere the White Race has traditionally been the predominant race-and don't even get me going about South Africa.

People, we owe NO-ONE our safety, our children, our money, our propery, our women, or our lives! If we owe it to anyone it is our own kind. Just like our forefathers laid down their lives to pave the way for us to forward and more fully develop their greatness and achievements we, too, should be doing the same for OUR future generations.

The only thing I can see all of this doing is helping bring closer the time that people finally DO say ENOUGH! But it is killing me to see that people would rather kiss the ass of niggers and other non-Whites instead of standing up and saying WAIT A MINUTE! SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING AND THE WORLD IS "HURT AND ASHAMED"??? WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT NIGGERS ARE KILLING??? WE SHOULD BE THE ONES GETTING APOLOGIES!!! AND 'REPARATIONS'!!!

I mean, forget about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson-it's not about them. It's about their people-robbing, raping, and killing White People!!! It's about a government, educational institutions, businesses, A SOCIETY that will allow this to happen-even subsidize and encourage it!!!

Seriously, I'm pretty sure that most people see it all. I believe that anyone of any intelligence HAS TO be able to look at this country (the world), see how things have 'developed' up to this point, look at how things are 'developing' now, and see how things are soon to be if something doesn't change-and SOON!!!

I think people know, but don't want the responsibility of knowing. Want to APPEAR as if they are assuming the Ostrich stance-head buried in the sand! Want to pretend they don't know-so that in the end they can say I DIDN'T KNOW! I WAS TOO BUSY LIVING MY LIFE-WORKING MY JOB-RAISING MY KIDS-WATCHING TV, SPORTS, AND REALITY TV! BESIDES, WHAT COULD I DO???!!!

I keep telling myself that all this shit WILL bring people to the point where they just can't take it anymore...But it didn't just happen over night, folks! It's BEEN going on!

I, myself, am so disgusted with people it's hard to even relate to someone when I realize that person would rather be against than for their own.

Well, I guess I blew off some steam, but I'm not finished by a long shot. You can bet your ass that I'll be here-and everywhere that I'm able-doing my best to subvert the status quo and wake people up to what is going on, hopefully making a call to action that will be heard by others.
In The Awakening of White America (THE WHITE WORLD!!!), WOLF

10:23 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

the White Race is the 'whipping boy' for everyone

Uh, on what planet is that happening?

10:54 AM  
Anonymous hotpotatomash said...

fyi, u were right that i don't listen to imus and right about him being much worse than i understood. so, i'd like to change my prior statement that imus is equivalent to 1 day of fox vitriol to 2 days! but even the meaner imus is no match for wolf below. damn, what a comment. though he too needs work on couching his language. a lot of work.

10:45 PM  

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