Tuesday, January 16, 2007

College dive

This is an interesting campaign about college debt put out by the Campus Progress folks, Debt Hits Hard.

As the vid says, the number of people delaying marriage because of student debt has doubled since 1991. So much for those Republicans being pro-family.

The larger view here is something that I have long suspected would march its ungainly way into American life. As education continues to be marginalized across the board, in quality but more so through expense, more and more students will either be denied a college education, which renders them fodder for the Wal*Mart economy, or will be forced toward the "Army of One" option in one of two directions: enlisting directly since working for the Wal*Marts of the world is a pretty grim consignment or enlisting with the Army through a college program, with its munificent promises to pay for college. That used to be considered a decent deal before the program of endless war was introduced on 9/11. Now, not so much.

Nonetheless, the skyrocketing cost of college and the ever decreasing pot of viable loan instruments could soon render college back unto the elites. Either that or you will be forced into such indebtedness that you spend the rest of your dog day afternoons in a state of near indentured servitude, working to pay off the debt from an education you were told would open up a world of possibility. It is a system that will ensure you either serve the masters of the global economy or, just maybe, you'll boost those lousy recruiting numbers.


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