Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blogging the box

Sometimes, a story rises through my ethernet that I have completely missed until now. Such is the case with viral video, My Box in a Box. When this happens, the missing that is, it makes me realize that I spend my time, some would say too much time, reading Foreign Policy, Xinhua, Ha'aretz, and I need to break out of the rut of only reading about F-117s in Korea and nomads being blown up by AC130 gunships in Somalia. You can see how that would affect a person.

So, thanks to the ever reliable Firestarter5, I have been finally directed to My Box in a Box. If you are not already familiar with it, it is charming story.

Some while back, SNL produced this video, itself an amusing riff wherein Justin Timberlake satrizes ... Justin Timberlake:

Well, in a beautiful, satirical response to Dick in a Box, this video, My Box in a Box, came out and went viral. The song is rendered beautifully, production is first rate, the voice smokey and light. It is satire in the best of forms: referential, slightly raunchy and sweet. And the song takes a dig at Bush, too, which is great because that will prevent mirthless villains like Malkin, Limbaugh and Coulter from ever enjoying it.

The My Box in a Box blog has the vid of "Bunny" or "Bunnies" on Keith Olbermann, just so you're up on the latest in the saga. The "box" was sold on eBay for $1500, which will go to a local Philadelphia charity.

Nice work, ladies. A breath of fresh air in this fetid world.


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