Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A sense of history

Joe Lieberman has a "sense of history" he tells us and that sense informs him that there are two, count 'em, two kinds of exit strategies from war: one that leads to victory and one that lead to defeat. Simple, eh? What Joementum fails to understand with this White House is that "victory" in Iraq does not carry with it an "exit strategy" and for a very good reason. There won't be an exit.

Furthermore, as straight-up dumb as Lieberman appears to be, it's his jowls that are really driving me nuts. He looks a basset hound. Which might be some sort of strategy, perhaps thinking he's in line for Barney's slot.

Countering this moron, Chuck Hagel hilariously said that "the Iraqi people will determine the fate Iraq." Ha. Good one, Chuck.

Why do we need kindergarten when we have the American Congress, a place where they believe in very simple things? Unlike kindergarten, though, the cretins in Congress seem never to have learned the golden rule and they certainly don't seem to have been taught all those lessons about the importance of being nice. I know my own kindergarten teacher would have been very dismayed if I had gone stomping off, illegally invaded another country, killed thousands of people and then set out to reap huge profits from that country's oil fields. No, teacher would not have been pleased with that at all.


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