Saturday, December 09, 2006

Right whinge news

As real news in the world continues to indict the Bush administration, over in the right wing side of the information globe, those Bush-besotted minions can find nothing to focus on but how the House Ethics Committee report on the Foley scandal actually revealed that it was a Democratic plot to win the mid-terms elections. Various gum-suckers have decided that, since the report indicates a few Democratic House members knew of several salacious Foley emails in 2005, this therefore indicates that it was all a Democratic plot to take down the Republican House leadership. Their self-satisfied bubble collapses, as usual, with simple tests of logic and responsibility in this regard by failing to recognize that, had the Republicans addressed the concerns over Foley years earlier -- when it first became a concern -- the entire scandal would never have arisen at the inopportune moment that it did. But, in that far off universe, the sexual proclivities of Republicans are really only a problem to be addressed when someone else finds out about it.

Meanwhile, right wingers continue to try and fill their prescription for media censorship in the war and further malign AP for a story that agency reported in which it was claimed that six Sunnis had been doused with kerosene and set ablaze. The US military and Iraq's Interior ministry disputed the story, further stating that news agencies should send any reports through them for clearance. Because in Iraq, if you're going to get the real story, there is no better place in the country to do that than at the Ministry of the Interior. Why, they have the facilities in their basement that get them to the heart of any matter. Let us recall that this would be the same department that claimed they were not torturing people while US forces simultaneously hauled dead, tortured bodies out of an Interior Ministry building in Baghdad.

AP is standing by the story, quite adamantly, after sending reporters back into the neighbourhood, which confirmed several eye witness accounts of the incident. Nonetheless, to the few keyboard pissants who doubt the tree within the vast forest of death, this report is simply more evidence that the liberal media is out to portray the violence in Iraq as a fictitious construction; a lie designed to make America look bad. It seems they almost wish to believe -- may actually believe -- that none of it is real. 4000 people a month are being killed in Iraq, many of them bound, tortured and shot, but this one incident is too, too much to believe. Recall their last run-in with the press when LGFer Charles Johnson exercised himself tremendously over the unrealistic appearance of billows of smoke over Beirut. The smoke was there, of course, it just a little too repetitiously billowy. This, to them, was a big anti-press coup and a sure sign of journalistic bias.

These silly efforts, of course, ultimately stem from their glorious take-down of Dan Rather, so high a point for them that they now continue to try recreate it almost everyday. As far as the billowing smoke would allow, Johnson did manage to get his grim visage on the boob tube, a moment when that moniker that has rarely seemed more appropriate.

And it is stories and frets like these that right wing Bush supporters focus their niggling energies upon. The assured and blinkered perspective is redoubtable. What a small and insecure world they all do inhabit.

Stay tuned for a return the actual world.


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