Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post game

It is indeed gratifying to see that the results of the election have far exceeded my rather grim predictions. Voters came out in record numbers for a mid-term election and swamped GOP efforts of voter suppression across the country. Amazing, really. Of particular and happy note were the Senate wins of Casey, sending Santorum packing off to Jesus Camp, and McCaskill, who punted Talent out of the park. Brown booted DeWine and, oh I loved this one, though it was roundly expected, Kenneth Blackwell is now gone and Ohio is sporting a Democratic governor and Sectretary of State. Way to go Ohio! Without a cretin like Blackwell running elections in that swing state, the GOP will have a hard time carrying out the kind of nonsense they have in the past.

In the House, and with +28 seats gained so far, there were some Dem wins of particular note that demonstrated good sense by voters. McNerney turfed the loathsome Richard Pombo, a one-man environmental wrecking crew. Chocola was booted in Indiana. In fact, in the three key races in Indiana, voters dumped each Republican incumbent. In North Carolina, Shuler took out Charles Taylor and, Pennsylvania decided that they had had enough of the grasping Curt Weldon, giving Sestak that seat. Oh, and PA also figured that Don "choke-hold" Sherwood was, apart from the questionable criminal status of the man, someone who was simply too embarrassing to have to deal with anymore.

I was sad to see that Tammy Duckworth failed in her bid. I was hoping Illinois would be a little smarter than that.

The worst part of all this, of course, will be endless yakking we're going hear about what the election "really means," as though that is not immediately apprehended. The election didn't mean anything more than what the polls have been showing for months. It was the inevitable result of a deep dissatisfaction across the country with the war in Iraq, the failed policies of the White House, a rubber-stamp Republican Congress and the rank corruption schemes on which various Republican lampreys had been feeding for years. I guess Americans weren't too concerned about the prospect of a Speaker of the House named Nancy Pelosi. I think she's dreadful and a very bad face for the Democrats. With the majority the Democrats have now, some serious thought and forcefulness is required and I just don't see that in her. But, maybe she'll surprise. I have my own fantasy about what the Democrats should do (more on that later), but I'm afraid it will remain entirely that, a dream.

Democrats are now all over the news, promising change and a hopeful future; the usual bullshit. But still, this must be grating Rove tremendously. I wonder how long before some unbaked terrorist plot is unveiled or some other alarm is sounded. Wait for it. You know it's coming.

And now we get to return to the regularly scheduled disasters around the world. ...


Blogger The Misanthrope said...

We are on the same page. I was pleasantly surprised. I will be interested in what W has to say today during his press conference. My fingers are still crossed for the Senate.

11:22 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...


I just heard Bush, right now, say how much he is "looking forward" to working with Pelosi. Yeah, right.

1:17 PM  

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