Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bug out

Well, shithouse mouse. That didn't take long. The morning after the night before, suddenly Rumsfeld is bugging out:
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, architect of an unpopular war in Iraq, intends to resign after six stormy years at the Pentagon, Republican officials said Wednesday.Officials said Robert Gates, former head of the CIA, would replace Rumsfeld.
Perhaps even the prospect of real investigations into and some actual "accountability" for Abu Graib and other of his dreadful ways was a little too daunting for the old man. Seems like the perfect time to join up with the Carlyle Group or, hell, maybe head back to Gilead Sciences and spook up some avian flu terror. Which is a likely career move for these corporate war horses. But I have to ask, at his age, why can't Rumsfeld just head down to Mt. Misery, and hang out, do some fishing? Because you know he won't.

But please. Stop fucking with the world.

[pic from This Modern World]


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