Saturday, October 07, 2006

American Blackout

I have been telling devoted lefties and Democrats who think that the Dems will take the House or the Senate this fall that they better start thinking again. Because until opposition to the Republicans is met with an equal opposition to the electioneering infrastructure that the GOP has been installing across the country for the last several years, the Democrats will flounder in the minority.

The hopelessly wayward media also need to be confronted for their appalling behaviour towards this issue, reluctant as they have been to report the facts of what has gone on in US elections since 2000. Whether this reluctance is willful or merely the result of brain-dead laziness is hard to say. But it should be obvious from the response the film, American Blackout, will get from the mainstream, that overcoming the grim reality that is the mainstream media's view of the issue will continue until people demand otherwise. This film is a beginning.


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