Sunday, October 08, 2006

Advice about consent

When someone finds themselves in agreement with White House spokesman, Tony Snow, on anything, it might be time take a breath, stand back and think about what it is you have agreed with. Unfortunately, The New York Times editorial board did not avail themselves of that advice today:
Mr. Snow is actually right — no one can control the 85-million-barrel-a-day global market in petroleum products.
Really? It seems that the NY Times have lost track of a pesky little group called OPEC, which has just announced that it will cut production by one million bbl/day because the price of oil is becoming -- to them -- unpleasantly low. OPEC actions will directly affect the global price of oil, which will do exactly what OPEC wants it to do.

Remember this NYT: the next time Tony Snow says something and you think you agree with it, step back and think again.


Anonymous hotpotatomash said...

Those beliefs [GOP make up half of americans that believe gas prices manipulated for political gain] may be blunting the positive impact President Bush and the GOP hoped to get from falling fuel prices.

can't someone ask the president why he deserves credit if oil prices are determined by supply and demand?

2:09 AM  

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