Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Much Ado about Nothing

Former chair of the 9/11 commssion, Tom Kean, was on the Daily Show last week, humping his new book, Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9-11 Commission. I won't link to it because, believe me, you won't want to read this odious cage-liner. I refuse to further abet the shameful cover-up of 9/11, otherwise and scurrilously known as the 9/11 commission.

It was rather disappointing watching Stewart coddle Kean because I find it hard to believe Stewart isn't aware of what a sham the 9/11 commission was. But I guess it is part of the large American narrative that these jokers actually did something, though many would express a certain disability if it were to come to actually describing what it was the 9/11 commission did. Kean also appears to have timed his finger-pointing, self-congratulatory ode quite well, coincident as it is with the 5th anniversary of 9/11. However, there does exist a body of information about what exactly the 9/11 commission, headed as it was by Kean and Hamilton, most assuredly did not do.

If you don't feel an neck-bulging rage and a supreme need to shake the living shit out of Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, erstwhile 9/11 commission co-chairs, after reading Sibel Edmonds and Bill Weaver's latest article detailing all the AFT, FBI and other witnesses the 9/11 commission refused to interview or whose testimony was censored from that pathetic whitewash, aka the 9/11 commssion report, then you're a very calm person. Either that or you don't care that these clowns engaged in as much of cover-up as the White House wanted it to. But I doubt that that is true.

Like so much that has gone on in the last five years, this will infuriate.


Blogger dusty said...

It was a white-wash on the highest order..just what the Shrub ordered I am sure..

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