Monday, September 04, 2006

Laughing at doom

Kurt Vonnegut, the "laughing prophet of doom," has a very bleak outlook on the current state of the world. That is, bleaker than it has previously been. Rolling Stone has a story about Vonnegut's grim view of things and one passage offered a typically Vonnegut kind of chuckle:
I've been smoking Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes since I was twelve or fourteen. So I'm going to sue the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, who manufactured them. And do you know why?" "Lung cancer?" I offer.

"No. No. Because I'm eighty-three years old. The lying bastards! On the package Brown & Williamson promised to kill me. Instead, their cigarettes didn't work. Now I'm forced to suffer leaders with names like Bush and Dick and, up until recently, 'Colon.'"....


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