Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We can rebuild it

This graphic (NY Times) is a bit hard to see here(click on it), but it is a telling portrait of American priorities in the reconstruction, or lack of, in New Orleans. Every metric of recovery shows that there has been little recovery.
  • Functioning homes and businesses: down by half.
  • Public school students: 80% down.
  • Number of open hospitals: 25% of the pre-Katrina number.
  • Restuarants and food stores: again 25% or less of pre-Katrina operations.
There is one activity that is thriving, though; even more so than before the hurricane:

Is this a great country or what?


Blogger dusty said...

I blogged on the same thing..the casinos are doing just great! and they get to expand now that people can not afford to rebuild and selling their property for whatever the carpetbaggers offer them.

Good post, thanks :)

2:52 PM  

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