Monday, August 07, 2006

"We will not stop"

A new series of Israeli airstrikes have now killed another 57 people in Lebanon. As we have already been informed, Israelis are carrying out their promise to "damage Hizbollah as much as it can." Unfortunately for the people of Lebanon, the IDF has zero concern for those who happen not to be Hezbollah. Either that or they think everyone in Lebanon is Hezbollah. Rest assured, though, if the Israelis keep this up, they all soon will be.

But please, pay no attention. None of this is really happening. And we know this must be true because Reuters' freelance photographer, Adnan Hajj was photoshopping smoke in some pictures.


Blogger Kel said...

They really have been setting a lot of store around the use of photoshop haven't they? As if this is somehow indicative of how we're all being fooled by propaganda.

5:55 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...


As I said, this is of a piece with righties need to portray certain individual journalists as biased and, therefore, deserving of their wrath. The Rathergate episode was their great "coup" and they have engaged themselves at almost every turn to question the authenticity of documents that portray the adminstration and/or other Republicans in a bad light.

Hence, we saw the noise about the memo that came out of Florida Rep. Martinez office that stated how to co-opt the Shiavo issue for GOP gain. The memo was immediately pronounced as fraudulent by righties like Assrocket simply because it didn't "sound" like something Republicans would say, even though it did exactly sound like something Republicans would say. Martinez himself admitted that the document did orginate with his staff and even then the Powerline twits wouldn't believe it.

Righties continued the false document hunt when they accused an AP photographer of collusion with insurgents in Iraq when he snapped a photo of an Iraqi being gunned down in the street. To shits like Johnson, the photographer had been "tipped off" by insurgents because how else could he get such a well-timed photo? They further claimed that the photographer must have been standing near the scene, apparently unaware of existence of telephoto lenses.

Of course, there are a couple of things going here: one, self-aggrandizement and two, insisting that things aren't as bad as they are and that the media is out to portray situations created by the Bush administration, and now the Israelis, as being worse than they really are.

Islmaophic jerk-offs like Johnson generally take their points straight out the mouths of clowns like Rumsfeld and Cheney who, for a long time, insisted that the media were making things look worse than they were in Iraq. They've given up on that angle now that US generals have finally come out and said that the country is near civil war.

Now the Israel/Lebanon conflict is the next path to laddleling praise upon themselves for finding photos of smoke than have been altered to show different smoke. I agree that the photog shouldn't be doing this and Reuters was right to dismiss him, but is this really convincing people that Israel is not blasting the hell out of Lebanon?

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