Saturday, August 05, 2006

Minority Report

Everyone else is linking or publishing the newest Conyers Report, The Constitution in Crisis, so it seems apppropriate to give it all the notice it deserves ( has the full 350 page report in pdf). This will be the second major report from John Conyers that the mainstream media will ignore, the first having been What Went Wrong in Ohio, which detailed the egregious voter abuse before during and after the so-called electoral process in the 2004 presidential election.

If and when this disaster of government is somewhat and somehow reigned in (and I am not entirely convinced that will necessarily happen given this country's ignorance of Conyers' report number #1), we may look back and recognise that John Conyers was one of only a handful or fewer members of Congress who actually tried to hold the Bush administration accountable. Certainly the Republican congressional leadership has refused and continues to refuse this work, Arlen Specter's feckless bluster notwithstanding. Unfortunately, Conyers' efforts have only been minimised, diparaged or otherwise ignored by our corporate media, so it is not likely that any revelatory exposition of Conyers' work will be forthcoming in the near future.

Besides, people are being killed daily right now with attendant explosions, all of which makes for compelling, squinty-eyed, Anderson Cooper moments. Who wants to talk about some boring congressional tome that will tell us how, exactly, we got into the mess in the first place? We got muthafuggin' rockets!


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