Monday, August 28, 2006

Mexico denied reality

Via Mercury Rising comes the grim yet entirely expected outcome that Mexico's electoral court has dismissed all complaints against the panoply of voting irregularities that have so far been evidenced. The court annulled 230,000 ballots from the recounted precincts (9% of the 130,000 precincts in Mexico) but still couldn't or wouldn't recognized the larger implications here.

Don't expect the Mexicans to take this lying down. They haven't so far.


Anonymous hotpotatomash said...

hopefully you are right that the mexicans will keep fighting. but the question for mexico and the US is what will it take to win? it can now be argued that winning is not enough (kerry), winning and going to the supreme court is not enough (gore) and taking to the streets as well as going to the mexican electoral court is not enough.

what comes next and will that be enough? or, does it take an all out revolution with blood on the street?

no matter what it does end up taking its clear that mexico is in a far better position than the US as the people are hungrier and have less to lose. although that could change in a hurry as bush's disastrous fiscal policies begin to hit the economy.

10:06 PM  
Blogger earthtogod said...

Finally, our version of democracy is being spread across the world, just what we wanted.

I can only hope that Mexico doesn't bow out the way America has when confronted with lying, cheating, and stealing in our past elections.

11:39 AM  

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