Thursday, August 24, 2006

Armor All

Just when you might have thought Christianist whack-jobs couldn't get any whackier, they always manage a surprise. And so we are greeted with a telling sign of this with Armor of God pajamas for crusading tikes. The "girls set" comes complete with Joan of Arc body cross, Madre de Dios headgear and a puffy, comforting shield of "Faith." The "boys set," while appearing to lack an actual heretic-smiting sword of justice, also come with its own 11th century, crusade-style helmut head sock.

Boys and girls can re-enact their very own Spanish Inquisition or crusade of their choosing, though the Children's crusade is recommended. And remember, nothing says "disturbed childhood" like a pair of Armor of God pjs.*

* Sorry, just google it. I can't bring myself to link to this.


Anonymous PeteyR said...

Aaaagh! It is indeed the End Times. Cannot finish reading your blog - head about to explode.

- P.

10:06 AM  

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