Sunday, May 14, 2006

Silent Hill

There is generally no reaction yet in the mainstream media, nor on the "establishment" blogs about the news broken by Jason Leopold that Rove has been indicted. I find this fascinating and there is enough silence out there to give one pause: maybe Leopold stepped out a bit too far on this one? I find this hard to believe, frankly. This is news that has been anticipated for months and it would hardly be a surprise. With a certain veil of inevitability hanging over the long-imagined Rove indictment, only the timing of it seemed uncertain. Rumour about such an announcement has been bubbling up for days, if not weeks and Leopold surely knows that you don't publish the Rove indictment without being bloody certain that it has happened. At least, one would think not.

As indicated above and earlier, big blogs don't seem to want to touch this advanced announcement but it is literally everywhere else. Righty blog, The Hedgehog Report expresses an appropriate skepticism and also wonders about the silence elsewhere to what should be considered "big news."

In a side note, I can't help but be amused by one comment on the post, which claims befuddlement about Libby if this news of Rove is true:
So, if Rove is the one who leaked, then why was Libby indicted? For lying to the grand jury about something he did not do? Is that illegal?
Good lord.


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