Saturday, May 13, 2006

I come from Alabami....

Democrat Larry Darby is running for the office of Alabama Attorney General. Apparently, and perhaps with some wistful longing for days of the Dixicrats, his campaign "platform" is liberally doused with some rather illeberal notions, including, but not limited to, racism, homophobia, Holocaust denial, white supremecy, and, as you might expect from an Holocaust denier, a smattering of anti-Semitism. In fact, it's the whole ball of Aryan Nation wax right there, in the middle of poor Larry Darby's head.
I am what the propagandists call a Holocaust denier, but I do not deny mass deaths that included some Jews. There was no systematic extermination of Jews. There's no evidence of that at all.

It's time to stop pushing down the white man. We've been discriminated against too long.
And these are planks of the man's campaign platform. God knows what lurks beneath.

Darby also seems to have a vendetta against the Southern Poverty Law Center, which he claims, ironically enough,
has long acted to instill hatred and prejudice against Alabama and its good people by creating an impression that the South is a bad place.
By keeping the "Mexican invasion" at bay with shoot-to-kill martial law orders, smiting the Jews and burning the gays, and with God and the Aryan Nation on his side, Larry Darby means to correct this impression.


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