Thursday, May 25, 2006

Iraq Dialectic

Bush Administration policies in Iraq have largely been a failure. It has created a failed state in that country, which is in flames and seething with new religious and ethnic nationalist passions of a sort never before seen on this scale in modern Iraqi history. The severe instability in Iraq threatens the peace and security of the entire region, and could easily ignite a regional guerrilla war that might well affect petroleum exports from the Oil Gulf and hence the health of the world economy.
-- Juan Cole,
Professor of Middle East History,
U of Michigan,
Critique of US Policy in Iraq,
May 24 2006

As a result of our military action, Iraq is more free and probably more prosperous than before. And it has a pro-American government that lacks both the capability and the desire to export terrorism.
-- Powerline,
somewhere in Minnesota,
May 24 2006
We report, you decide.


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