Thursday, May 18, 2006

America-mart: where the savings are right next door

$2.7 trillion.

Whew. That's a load of moolah. Moolah we don't have. But, hey, the Chinese can afford it:
WASHINGTON, Thursday May 19 — After more than a month of delay as Republicans feuded among themselves, the House early Thursday narrowly approved a $2.7 trillion spending plan for next year.
Apparently, a few House GOP'ers got a little nervous about Bush's meager proposal for health care, education and community related projects, what with elections not too far away. Of course, House leaders -- and I use that term loosely -- express some fiscal concerns, saying that they are open to additional spending, if we can afford it:
The vote, 218 to 210, came at 1 a.m. after Republican moderates dropped threats to withhold support unless they received commitments to add $3 billion for education, health and community-development block grants. In a nod to the moderates, House leaders included a statement "recognizing" that those programs should receive more than President Bush had requested if savings could be found in other areas.
If savings could be found. I hear the socialistas in Canada are running surpluses and we're always hearing about how pleasant and accomodating those Canadians can be.


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